TOPIC 1: OfferingsPROMPT: The offering represents a bundle of the

   TOPIC 1: OfferingsPROMPT: The offering represents a bundle of the product and its services designed to deliver value to customers. The offering consists of the product (e.g., features and benefits), price including total cost of ownership, and any service or experience components.  Describe the specific elements of the offering for a specific theme park, a restaurant, or an online car dealership.  Be sure to name the specific offering and then list and describe the components of the offering under tangible and intangible categories.    A cute mixed race family enjoys the rides and sun at the fair activities on Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California.RyanJLane / E+ Collection / Getty Images  
TOPIC 2: Evaluating Value PROMPT: Choose a familiar product and brand that you regularly use. List the benefits (tangible and intangible) that you receive as a customer from this product. Don’t name the product and see if a classmate can determine the product from your perceived benefits. You may comment on whether they are correct within your thread.   the guessing game.

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TOPIC 3:  Product Life Cycle PROMPT: Describe the product life cycle stage in which wireless home security systems (e.g., Ring and SimpliSafe) currently reside. Discuss how the product life cycle and the internal and external environment might impact, or have impacted, the marketing of these offerings. Each stage of the product life cycle poses different challenges. Be sure to reflect on how the internal and external environments affect strategic marketing decisions. 

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