Describe how you would build a PC. Identify the parts


  • Describe how you would build a PC. Identify the parts used to build  the PC and their alignment to the PC’s primary use. Be specific with  details for each component. What component would you invest in the most?  Explain why.


CPU is the brain of the computer. The CPU mainly processes the data  by the user’s input. Without the CPU, the computer will not be able to  “compute.”


The motherboard is like a host for the computer component; it carries  all the different features and helps them communicate. The motherboard  is the component that puts everything together and cooperates.


RAM, also as known as Random Access Memory, is like the scratch paper  for the CPU. The RAM store the temporary data that the CPU need for  processing.


Storage can be removable or fixed storage devices—an example of the  removable optical disk USB drive. The fixed storage device will be HDD  or SDD. Regardless of which device, they all perform the same task; they  store information even when the power is off.

Graphing Card

The graphing card is sometimes also called a video card. This  component will significantly increase the computer’s graphing  calculation performance. In other words, installing an additional  graphing card will help the computer output better quality display and  more complex graphs calculation.

Power Supply:

The power supply provides the electricity the component needs to  function and converts the AC power to DC power for the most part  required. The power supply is also the most dangerous component in the  computer, and it can potentially hold an electrical charge and be  harmful. 

Computer Case:

The computer case is the house of the computer component. Besides  providing the fixture for the components, it also helps the airflow keep  the part cool.

Keyboard and Mouse:

The keyboard and mouse are the most critical input devices, allowing the user to input data into the computer. 


The monitor is the most crucial output device. A computer without a  monitor is very difficult to let the computer put out the processed data  to the user.

Operating System:

The operating system is like a platform to utilize all components and  make them work together to output data. The operating system is also a  bridge that connects the user and the computer, turning the 0 and 1 in  the data the user can understand. 

For my computer build, I will spend most of my budget on the CPU,  Mother Board, and Graphing Card, the three main components. My computer  mainly uses CAD and simulation, and the software requires much more  computing power than office software. I don’t need a huge storage room  because most time, I use the cloud to back up my data. 

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