Guidance: In this article (see link to the article below),

 Guidance:  In this article (see link to the article below), the authors present research findings on the factors associated with disenrollment from non-group insurance plans in a recent two-year period (2017-2018).  A unique aspect of this study is that it looks at plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act law (“ACA Marketplace” plans) as well as plans that are not compliant with but were “grandfathered in” under the law (“off-Marketplace” plans).  As such, the study provides a view of the full range of experience in the non-group (i.e. individual-insurance) market in the post-ACA period.  As the study shows, there is a very high rate of disenrollment, overall, in this type of market, which could indicate instability. Thus, for your discussion, make your own argument in answering the following:  Does the high rate of disenrollment suggest inherent instability, or is it actually a sign of a well-functioning insurance market?  Be specific in your analysis, using findings from the study to justify your points.  While incorporating evidence (at least two pieces of evidence) that supports your argument, you must also identify at least one finding from the study that weakens your argument, but then provide a counter argument as to why that finding does not (or may not) represent a weakness to your main argument.  

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