(Khenedye)There are many risk factors to consider when you don’t

 (Khenedye)There are many risk factors to consider when you don’t assess the technical risk that is associated with information system development projects. One of the risk factors is the user group. When dealing with things like this you should want some who is familiar with information systems entire development process and have had prior experience in using the system before. I feel when you are trying to minimize risk the experience can be detrimental to the success of the project as a whole. The development group is an important factor as well. You want someone who knows the lay of the land such as softwares, development methods, and application areas.  You also want to try to control the project size. People working on it should have an assigned task to keep things moving smoothly.  Deadlines along with departments within the organization should be a sign to keep things in order and no one is confused on what they should be doing. The consequences of not managing the risk could vary from a number of things potentially spiraling down to the point where your project is no longer salvageable. For one it could compromise the integrity of the project as a whole. Not setting deadlines could lead to more room for errors due to things lingering amongst the group. Another risk or consequence would be failure to obtain proficient performance levels. The larger the project is the more the project is at risk anyway. To alleviate some of this for projects that have no choice but to be large would be to possibly break the project down into sections and assigning certain people those projects compared to everyone working on the same thing. By doing this you ensure all bases are touched and result in a successful project because if everyone does there part the chance for error slims down.   

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