Part 1: One page on the movie White Zombie (1932).

Part 1:

One page on the movie White Zombie (1932). Feel free to explore any aspect of it you want to write about – likes, dislikes, etc 

Part 2:

One-page review of the movie (The Walking Dead) that discusses why this movie is or isn’t really a zombie movie 

Part 3:

Half a page explain how the movie Voodoo Man is different from the movies in parts 1 and 2.

Part 4:

One page on whether The movie Last Man on Earth was a zombie movie or not. Many people argue about whether these were zombies or vampires or zombie vampires or zombie-like monsters. What is your opinion?

Part 5:

One page on the movie Night of the Living Dead describing your opinion of it – was it good? bad? outdated? boring? a classic? 

Part 6:

The movie Dawn of the Dead (1978) is always described as a statement on consumerism – people as consumers and zombies as the ultimate consumers. One-page explaining why you either agree to disagree with this and why.  

Part 7:

After watching Outpost which incorporates Nazis into the storyline, a half-page that explains how the inclusion of Nazis impacted your understanding or appreciation of the movie. 

Part 8:

After watching 28 Days Later a half-page on why fast zombies are so terrifying and what they could represent in our culture. 

Part 9:

After watching Shawn of the Dead  a half-page review of your chosen video and your thoughts on it 

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