This optional discussion provides an opportunity to explore an emerging

This optional discussion provides an opportunity to explore an emerging topic in marketing with your classmates.  Participation will not impact your grade for the course.   TOPIC 1: Branding Success through IMC 
PROMPT: Southwest Airlines is known for brand recognition. One reason for Southwest’s brand equity and success is that the company can create clear, concise, and memorable messages that communicate its offering and position. Find one example of a Southwest Airlines campaign and discuss how it reflects the elements of integrated marketing communications (IMC). 

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TOPIC 2: Promotion Mix
PROMPT: Tubby Todd Bath Company is a body care products company launched in 2014 with a focus on sustainable and gentle products for families. Visit the website to review products and company information. Then, consider the promotional mix (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, and direct/digital marketing). Choose two of the promotional tools to communicate what you believe is the primary message of Tubby Todd. For your discussion, state the primary message and then why each of the two promotional tools are appropriate to communicate the message to consumers. Father holding his daughter in a baby carrier while shopping  at a mall.FatCamera / E+ Collection / Getty Images TOPIC 3: Changing Communication Landscape
PROMPT: Communications technology has changed in the last decade. Consider a product that has been available in the United States for more than 20 years. Then, describe how the communication has changed from at least 10 years ago. Does the marketing engage a more specific group of consumers? What new media is used to communicate the company’s message?   

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