Clinical Trials

 Clinical Advocacy – Physican Clinical Trials Discussion Assignment: Topic: Clinical Trials Definition: Clinical trials are research studies involving patients, which compare a new or different type of treatment with the best treatment currently available (if there is one); Activity: You are serving in the capacity of a Community Health Advocate and were asked to join a meeting at the local community center. The meeting was set up due to a large response to a flyer that was posted in the neighborhood requesting volunteers to take part in a clinical trial that was testing the safety of a new treatment for hypertension with the incentive of $50 for participation. The purpose of your attendance is to provide clarity for those considering volunteering in the clinical trial and ask appropriate questions to the research physicians. Your assignment is to describe a list of questions you think need be asked of the researchers attending the meeting regarding the clinical trial. List the questions and describe the rationale for each question.

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