Leadership Reflective Essay


This is a reflective essay, I will provide some documents as information that should be used and analyze in order to define a profile and should be mention on the reflective essay. Some assumptions may be made and I will review it in the end. Nevertheless I faced the normal challenge in life and as stated assumption could be made of course in agreement with my profile. Theory should be applied and reference accordingly. The headings are describe below and a special attention should be given to Personal development Plan (1000 words). The headings are in bold and the questions are guidelines for what should be reflected. The Reflective Essay is an autobiographical conclusion about who you are now as a leader and the leader you can still become. The purpose of the assignment is to integrate and capture your development as a leader during the leadership module and beyond. The objective is to integrate personal learning aspects from your entire Leadership Development Journey since embarking on your MBA, from all three main categories of the leadership module, and how they have contributed to your growth as a leader. The Reflective Essay has a strong focus on your understanding of yourself as an authentic leader and how you exercise this as a leader in terms of personal, interpersonal, and organizational leadership. Your reflective essay reveals who you are (and are not) as an authentic leader. This is a snapshot in time and will evolve in years to come. Knowing where you are now is essential for determining where you may want to go and who you want to be. It acknowledges and celebrates your own mosaic of leadership and the rich diversity that enables you to fulfil your leadership belief, knowing, doing and being. 

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