movie review

 For this journal writing, we will watch one of the movies at Human Rights Film Festival at USF (Ed Building, Presentation Theater on any one day out of March 21, 22, 23) for a class ethnography project (instead of meeting in class on Friday, March 22). Further details about this festival and movies can be found on this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. After checking out the website, select any one feature movie or documentary on any day between Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday that you like better (which must be of at least 40 min in length). You will then write a report on the movie (in about one single-spaced page) you watch by tentatively addressing the following questions: Write a brief introduction to the movie; why you selected to watch this one; how the themes/ideas of the movie can be associated with any of the Weekly themes based on our class readings so far; in what ways this movie helps you understand these themes/ideas better; why you find this movie intriguing (or not).

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