Critically analyze a chosen social networking site and culture to

Write a case study research paper, 3 pages double spaced,(3 full pages are MIN. REQUIREMENT, if you fail to meet the min. requirement, your grade will suffer; also please understand that min. requirement literally means “minimum” work.) Please do not change the font: times news roman 12 font (do not write name/instructor’s name/course name/date on the top of the page, just start from the top), Select social networking site of your choice, discuss potential risks, dangers, privacy or surveillance issues that may potentially arise as users join the site. In this paper, in addition to citing journal articles we read in this course, apply how such concerns can be applicable to social media site you are observing by discussing their privacy policy, (such as opt in opt out policy, or any detail description of privacy statement) Students will also critically analyze a chosen social networking site and culture to interrogate how the architectural structure within social media site can affect surveillance and security. 3 pages are considered a minimum requirement. If you do not even meet the min. required page length, your grade will suffer. MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A REFERENCE PAGE IN APA STYLE.

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