ways in which certain kinds of neighbourhoods are associated with


Throughout the course, we have been exploring the ways in which certain kinds of neighbourhoods are associated with crime. The articles below relate to a particular incident in Toronto. In your four-page response, use the course material to show what the articles below tell us about the association of certain neighbourhoods with crime. This is not about your opinion on the particular case but about your ability to use the readings and class discussions to analyze the news coverage of the case. You can draw on other news articles to get a better sense of the context and facts of the case, and you should cite those you use. But, again, the aim is to draw primarily from our syllabus and from the articles below. This exercise is about finding both broad connections to the course material and more nuanced, subtle connections. Ask yourself what is said in the articles below, how it is said, what assumptions are being made, what is left out, and what broader considerations are being made or ignored. Your response should be formatted as a coherent review or response essay, meaning that it should be well written with an introduction, conclusion, and clear argument or arguments. You should refer to at least four readings from the syllabus. Your response should demonstrate strong independent analysis and an excellent understanding of the course material. As it is a test, you should work independently. 1. www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/nighttime-police-patrols-spur-tension-in-jamestown-1.1225910 2. www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/police-raids-in-search-for-guns-unnerve-jamestown-momsin-toronto/article25672952/ 3. www.thestar.com/news/crime/2010/05/05/street_gangs_still_thriving_despite_big_busts.html I will upload our class readings later, please use course material only.

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