Summarize (focus on experiment 1): Pickel, K.L. (2009). The weapon

For this paper, you will have to re-read and then summarize (focus on experiment 1): Pickel, K.L. (2009). The weapon focus effect on memory for female and male perpetrators. Memory, 17(6), 664-678. The summary must include: * an introduction * the researcher’s hypothesis * a description of the methodology (including participants, procedure, etc.) * a discussion of the results * any implications of the results, and * a discussion of methodological limitations. You identified a question, on the basis of the results, implications, other of this study. You will need to find one peer-reviewed study conducted within the past 10 years that answers this question (the answer will form the basis of your thesis statement).

Your paper, then, must include:

1) An introduction (which should include a “hook” … something to grab the reader’s attention).

2) A summary of the Pickel (2009) study (see above for the required components of this summary)

3) A transition paragraph where you indicate your thesis statement and the rationale for why you chose this thesis statement.

4) A summary of the study you find that supports your thesis (this summary should resemble #2 above. In other words, it must include: an introduction, the researchers’ hypothesis, a description of the methodology (including participants, procedure), a discussion of the results, any implications of the results, and a discussion of methodological limitations. It must also be from the past 10 years).

5) A conclusion. The conclusion must include a restatement of your position, how the study you found supported your position, and a glimpse of something bigger than what you have already done — significance of your research, more-work-to-be-done discussion, recommendations, or evaluation of your research.

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