Symbyax for treatment resistant depression

The paper will be an in depth study of a psychotropic medication (commonly used in psychiatric practice) that you have a particular interest in. The paper should be written using APA format, (total of 9 pages plus references pages). Pages should be numbered. Headings and subheadings should be used to organize your paper. The following should be addressed in the paper:

1. Unique profile of the drug you have chosen as compared with others in that drug class.

2. The choice of drug as it relates to symptom management of a particular condition (you can use a case study to help with the discussion and symptom management if you want to).

3. Any issues pertaining to age: FDA approval in this age group, off label use, dose adjustments, and special instructions for children or elderly.

4. Medical rule outs: Is the drug contraindicated in certain medical conditions, does it need to be used cautiously in some individuals or require special monitoring in this group?

5. What type of monitoring should be done? Labs? EKG’s, other, and when should they be done?

6. Serious and common side effects, patient education and anticipated complications and clinical implications. The information in your paper should be supported by at least 4 relevant research studies addressing some aspect of the medication (side effects, drug interactions and efficacy). Remember, you cannot make statements without referencing (or citing) a research study, book or reliable website. You will be required to briefly present the topic to the class. 

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